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HAPPYSWE2022 is a new business that wants to give you as a customer a boost in life. Through the goods we sell, we try to influence you as customers in a positive way. We want people to understand how important Sports are.

We also want to draw your ATTENTION to the fact that we are working with a foundation and a new innovative company that wants to make a difference in the world. When YOU buy something from the store, all the profit goes into the project.


Sustainable Sports 🧩🇸🇪🧩 🧩🇺🇸🧩 



HAPPYSWE2022 work with a foundation called Sustainable Sports on equal terms. In Sweden the associations are having problems with the economics because of they not longer get the same financial help from the state any more. This has done that not all the children and youth can do sports because the parents can not afford it. This is the main reason why we started this Foundation. 



HAPPYSWE2022 are also working on a new innovative project called the Puzzle Lottery. A platform that creates more time for the family, better finances for associations and organizations and better business for the companies.

Together we can make the world a better place. You as a company and private person can help with this. By shopping through HAPPYSWE2022, at least 5% or more will always go to this important work.

We have 4 packages that you as a company can purchase.




Includes: 5 hoodies, 5 T-shirts


Your COMPANY logo will be on the CLOTHES.




Includes: 15 hoodies, 15 T-shirts

You also get to other stuff for MARKETING.

Your COMPANY logo will be on the CLOTHES.




Includes: 20 hoodies, 20 T-shirts

You also get other stuff for MARKETING.

Your COMPANY logo will be on the CLOTHES.


We also have a PLATINUM ($5000/50000KR). Platinum then you can agree with us on how you want EXACTLY your contribution to be packaged. 




Includes: 30 hoodies, 30 T-shirts.

You also get other stuff for MARKETING.

Your COMPANY logo will be on the CLOTHES.



IF you want to discuss this, please contact our CEO, Andreas Lundgren.

- - - > andreas@happyswe.com < - - -



It is often said that a smile prolongs life.

You can always influence what will happen in the future but not what has been. You own your time. Take care of yourself and the time you have on our wonderful earth.

Remember to smile sometimes. 
Remember to give a smile to people you meet in your everyday life.

Regardless, you are welcome to HAPPYSWE2022

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